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peking / beijing
around Tiananmen Square
005- The Forbidden City  006- Tiananmen Square007- Tiananmen (The Gate of Heavenly Peace)
008- Great Hall of the People (National Legislature) 009- National Museum of China 010- Monument to the People's Heroes
011- Mausoleum of Mao Zedong   
Buildings, monuments, and landmarks
012- The Summer Palace 013- Ruins of the Old Summer Palace 014- Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian
015- The Ming Dynasty Tombs016- Bell Tower and Drum Tower 017- Historic Hutongs and Siheyuans
018- Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge) 019- Prince Gong Mansion (Gong Wang Fu) 020- Zheng Yici Peking Opera Theatre
021- Liulichang Culture Street 022- Beijing Ancient Observatory  
Temples, cathedrals, and mosques
023- Temple of Heaven024- Temple of Earth025- Temple of Sun
026- Temple of Moon027- Tanzhe Temple 028- Jietai Temple
029- Yunju Temple 030- Yonghegong (Lama Temple) 031- Guangji Temple
032- Confucius Temple 033- Great Bell Temple 034- Five Pagoda Temple
035- Temple of Azure Clouds 036- Temple of Recumbent Buddha 037- White Dagoba Temple
038- Badachu 039- Immaculate Conception Cathedral 040- Holy Saviour Church
041- Niujie Mosque 042- White Cloud Temple  
Parks and gardens
057- Beihai Park 043- Shichahai 044- Jingshan Park
045- The Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan) 046- The Grandview Garden047- Beijing Botanical Garden
048- Taoranting Park 049- Beijing Zoo  
Shopping and commercial districts
050- Wangfujing051- Xidan 052- Silk Street
053- Beijing CBD 054- Beijing Financial Street 055- Zhongguancun
056- Yizhuang 058- Orange County 
Sections of the Great Wall at:
001- Badaling 002- Juyongguan 003- Mutianyu
004- Simatai     the architecture you must see