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  Essential Architecture-  Turin

Exhibition Building, Turin


Pier Luigi Nervi


Turin, Italy


1948 to 1949


International Style


long span reinforced concrete


Exhibition hall
"...two of my most interesting projects, the hangars built of pre-cast elements and the roof for the Turin Exhibition Halls, would have been impossible without a simultaneous invention of the structural method. They would have looked completely different if they had been built on the same principle but in a conventional technique."

— Pier Luigi Nervi from the Introduction of Jürgen Joedicke. The Works of Pier Luigi Nervi. pVII.

"The hall is rectangular and covers an area of 240 feet x 309 feet. On one of the two shorter sides is a semi-circular apse. Windows are arranged in the corrugation of the prefabricated roof elements."

"A semi-circular apse 132 feet in diameter adjoins the main hall which is 240 feet long. Its roof consists of corrugated pre-cast units. The half-dome roof of the apse is also constructed with prefabricated elements."

"The vaulted construction of the hall consists of prefabricated elements which spring from in situ concrete abutments."

"The units are of "ferro-cement" and have a length of approximately 15 feet and a width of 8 feet 3 inches. The thickness of the curved precast parts is less than 2 inches. This small thickness is achieved only by the increased rigidity through the corrugation and the transverse webs at either end. The individual units are joined by in situ concrete."

— Jürgen Joedicke. The Works of Pier Luigi Nervi. p59-62.