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50 Strange Buildings of the World
Paris (click city names for more extensive lists)
The Tower at sunrise. 021B.jpg (69534 bytes) 030a.jpg (48158 bytes) 005A.jpg (88039 bytes)
Eiffel Tower Notre Dame Cathedral Mont Martre Loire Valley Châteaux Centre Pompidou St. Louis des Invalides
043-teautrianon.jpg (88426 bytes) 034-Place_Vosges_Paris_Mai_2006_011.jpg (75314 bytes) 025-Palais_Garnier_bordercropped.jpg (81222 bytes) 033B.jpg (37440 bytes) I.M. Pei's Louvre Pyramid: one of the entrances to the galleries lies below the glass pyramid.
Palace of Versailles Place des Vosges Paris Opera Villa Savoye Arc de Triomph Musée du Louvre
17a.jpg (39045 bytes) 012b.jpg (75699 bytes) 15-450px-Spanish-steps.jpg (74942 bytes) 013b.jpg (41263 bytes) 014c.jpg (46917 bytes) 020a.jpg (64104 bytes)
Roman Colosseum Pantheon Piazza di Spagna Piazza Navona Piazza del Campidoglio S. Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane
4-vatican03.jpg (55291 bytes) 029-FORUM-06.jpg (88109 bytes) 034-trevi.jpg (52449 bytes) 09-arch-of-titus.jpg (45275 bytes) 009a.jpg (56609 bytes)
St. Peter's of Rome Vatican City The Roman Forum Trevi Fountain Arch of Titus Mausoleum of Hadrian
002-Firenze.Duomo01.jpg (87571 bytes) 004-ospedale_degli_Innocenti-by_S_Annunziata.jpg (63853 bytes) 007B.jpg (80983 bytes) 008A.jpg (49942 bytes) 005-Palazzo_Strozzi_2.jpg (92159 bytes) 010-slorenzo.jpg (79369 bytes)
Florence Cathedral Ospedale Degli Innocenti Ponte Vecchio S. Maria Novella Palazzo Strozzi San Lorenzo
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Park Guell, Barcelona The Alhambra, Granada Generalife, Granada the Mezquita, Cordoba Seville cathedral, Seville
United Kingdom London
026-StPaulsCathedralSouth.jpg (78835 bytes) The Abbey's western façade 047-Houses.of.parliament.overall.arp.jpg (54285 bytes) 044-Tower_of_London2C_Traitors_Gate.jpg (93369 bytes) The Norman West Front of Lincoln Cathedral
Stonehenge Saint Paul's Cathedral Westminster Abbey Westminster Palace, or Houses of Parliament Tower of London Winchester Cathedral
other Europe
The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia Dublin Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Neuschwanstein, Bavaria The Acropolis, Greece Amsterdam
The Great Pyramids at Giza The Sphinx Temple of Ramses II Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut Colossi of Memnon The Temple of Amon
Phillips Exeter Academy Library, Exeter, NH Vanderbilt Residence, Asheville, NC. Monticello , Charlottesville, VA. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Fallingwater, Bear Run, PA. "Glass House," Philip Johnson house, New Canaan, CT
New York
Empire State Building STATUE OF LIBERTY Chrysler Building Brooklyn Bridge Grand Central Terminal Woolworth Building
Washington, DC
The White House Thomas Jefferson Memorial U.S. Capitol Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument Supreme Court
The Americas
Chichén Itzá, Mexico Christ Redeemer, Rio Machu Picchu, Peru      
Middle East
The Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey Petra, Jordan Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Samarra, Great (or al-Mutawakkil) Mosque, Baghdad, Iraq Isfahan, Great Mosque, Iran Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
The Taj Mahal, India Angkor Wat, Cambodia Dubai The Forbidden City, Peking The Summer Palace, Peking Temple of Heaven, Peking
The Great Wall, China Easter Island Moas The Sydney Opera House Timbuktu, Mali    
major cities in detail click here for complete list
The Tower at sunrise. 001-gherkin3.jpg (31677 bytes) lib13.jpg (36301 bytes)  
Paris London Sydney New York Chicago  Amsterdam
A small canal in Venice (Rio della Verona).
Berlin Italy Spain Egypt Islamic Beijing
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top ten world architecture
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America Oceania Architectural Styles
www.american-architecture.info www.sydneyarchitecture.com  
www.nyc-architecture.com   European
www.latin-american-architecture.info Resources Classical
Europe Search by building type Mediaeval
www.london-architecture.info Search by style Renaissance
www.paris-architecture.info Search by architect Baroque
www.italian-architecture.info Links Seventeenth Century
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www.german-architecture.info   Modern
www.european-architecture.info Galleries  
Middle East   Asian
www.dubai-architecture.info Architecture in the Da Vinci Code Chinese
www.islamic-architecture.info The new seven wonders of the world Islamic
http://www.bible-architecture.info/ (external link) The original seven wonders of the world  
Asia A short history of world architecture Regional
www.chinese-architecture.info Spencer Tunick nudes American House Styles
www.asian-architecture.info America's Favorite Architecture New York
www.japanese-architecture.info 1000 Places To See Before You Die Sydney
www.indian-architecture.info 50 Strange Buildings of the World (1) Amsterdam
  50 Strange Buildings of the World (2)  


american architecture site map www.american-architecture.info
North East South Top Ten
Pennsylvania historical / contemporary The South historical / contemporary Top Ten US Architecture thru history
New Jersey contemporary Washington, DC historical / contemporary America's Favorite Architecture
Rhode Island historical Texas historical / contemporary Top Ten DC
New York historical / contemporary Florida historical / contemporary Top Ten Chicago
Canada historical / contemporary   Top Ten new york
West   Notes
The West historical / contemporary The Midwest historical / contemporary  
California historical / contemporary Chicago historical / contemporary Notes- Boston history.
San Francisco historical / contemporary Chicago Northwest Notes- Chicago architectural history.
Los Angeles historical / contemporary Chicago Northeast Notes- Chicago history
Las Vegas contemporary Chicago Loop North Notes- Canadian architectural history.
Berkeley historical Chicago Loop South Notes- Philadelphia architectural history.
  Chicago South and West american architectural history
New England Chicago Far South  
  Iowa contemporary Galleries
New England historical / contemporary Michigan contemporary Gallery- World's Columbian Exposition
Boston historical / contemporary Minnesota contemporary Gallery- favorite Chicago buildings.
Cambridge, Mass. historical / contemporary Ohio contemporary Gallery- Chicago by night


london architecture site map www.london-architecture.info
london building types categories top ten
Museums Government top ten london
Palaces Bridges Modern
Theatres Housing main areas
Hotels Parks main list
Churches Public Buildings british architecture
Monuments Utilities Galleries
    nineteenth century London


paris architecture site map www.paris-architecture.info
paris building types   Resources
Churches Public Buildings Main List
Monuments Apartment Buildings top ten paris
Squares, Areas and Parks Theatres, Restaurants full history of Paris
Libraries & Galleries Palaces other French architecture
Shops Town Houses Galleries
Utilities   Paris Architecture Explained
    Romantic Paris
    Loire Valley Châteaux


Italian Architecture Site Map www.italian-architecture.info
Cities   Resources
Rome Florence Top Ten Italian Architecture
Vicenza Turin Top Ten Rome Architecture
Venice Siena Italian Renaissance Architecture
    detailed history of Rome.
    Italian panoramas


Spanish Architecture site map www.spanish-architecture.info
Cities   Resources
Barcelona Madrid top ten spanish architecture
Cordoba Seville Spanish Architectural History


german architecture site map www.german-architecture.info
Cities Hanseatic Cities Galleries
B- Berlin HL- Hanseatic city of Lübeck Top Ten Nazi Architecture
F- Frankfort AM OVP- Hanseatic city of Anklam St. Mary's Church, Stralsund
M-Munich (under construction) HR- Hanseatic city of Rostock Germany 1929 gallery.
S- Stuttgart (under construction) HST- Hanseatic city of Stralsund Neuschwanstein, Bavaria
  HGW- Hanseatic city of Greifswald German Synagogues
Towns LU- Lüneburg Cologne Cathedral
DBR- Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm HH- Hamburg (under const.) Synagogues destroyed during Kristallnacht
NB- Neubrandenburg   top ten Berlin architecture
PCH- Parchim Under Construction Frankfurt Gallery 1600-1850
  MÜNSTER, LEIPZIG Frankfurt Gallery World War Two


European Architecture site map www.european-architecture.info
Countries Cities Resources
Ireland Amsterdam European Architecture History
Greece Copenhagen Greek Architectural History


Chinese Architecture Site Map www.chinese-architecture.info
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Beijing Beijing Olympic Site  
Shanghai Bund
Hong Kong chinese architectural history
Hangzhou Jiuhuashan China- No longer a sleeping giant
Suzhou Xian Miscellaneous
Shanghai Nanjing (Nanking)
Top Ten China
Guangzhou  (Canton) Shenzhen  


sydney architecture site map www.sydneyarchitecture.com
City fringe City Suburbs
The Rocks
Circular Quay

Inner West

Sydney University

Hyde Park Area
Macquarie Street
Midtown Commercial
Martin Place
Town Hall Area
Central and the Haymarket
Midtown Non-commercial
Contemporary Commercial Sydney Architecture
Contemporary Non-Commercial Sydney Architecture
Eastern Suburbs 
Western Suburbs
Northern Suburbs
Gone but not forgotten
sydney history
Subterranean Sydney Resources Galleries
01- Introduction
02- Drainage Tunnels
03- Sewerage Tunnels
04- Water Tunnels
05- Telephone Tunnels
06- Mining Tunnels
07- Railway Tunnels
08- Pedestrian and Road Tunnels
09- Defence Tunnels
10- Electricity and Gas Tunnels
11- Future Tunnels
Sydney architectural types
Sydney architectural styles
Sydney architects
Sydney history

Simon Fieldhouse galleries

Gone gallery.
Bird's eye Sydney gallery
Sydney Architecture in brief.
City of Sydney planning model
Sydney Panoramas
Sydney Historical Panoramas
Sydney in 1848.
Gallery- Sydney 1848.
Top Ten Sydney Architecture
Top Ten Sydney Skyscrapers
Top Ten things to do in Sydney
The Rocks walking tour
Notes on the Historic Houses Trust
Odds and Ends
Notes on the Sydney Olympic Park
An Historical Guide to Sydney's Green Plaques


Dubai Architecture Site Map www.dubai-architecture.info
City Galleries Overview of all towers
main list "Dubai is Nuts" Gallery (APPROVED & UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Dubai main strip Proposed Dubai Gallery 1 2. DUBAI MEDIA CITIES
Dubai Marina and Creek Proposed Dubai Gallery 2 3. DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTRE
The "Dynamic Tower" Proposed Dubai Gallery 3 4. DUBAI MARINA
Vertical City-Dubai - 2.4km Tall. Proposed Dubai Gallery 4 5. JUMEIRAH LAKE TOWERS
  Proposed Dubai Gallery 5 6. DUBAILAND
top ten dubai architecture Dubai- More crazy futuristic images.... 8. SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD
Top 10 tallest buildings in Dubai   9. PALM ISLANDS
Dubai History   10. BURJ DUBAI
Dubai to Build the World's Largest Arch Bridge in 2012   11. BUR DUBAI & DEIRA


islamic architecture site map www.islamic-architecture.info
middle east    
Israel and Palestine Turkey Syria
North Africa    
Egypt Morocco Tunisia
Fertile Crescent    
Iraq Iran Uzbekistan
West Asia    
Rawze-e-Sharif, Afghanistan Al Juwana Mosque, Saudi Arabia Hala Sultan Tekke, Cyprus
Qolsharif mosque in Kazan, Tartarstan, Russia. Masjid al-Haram Pakistan
Resources Jerusalem  
Islamic architectural history Jerusalem: Architecture in the British Mandate Period  
jerusalem architectural history Jerusalem: Architecture in the Late Ottoman Period  
top 10 islamic buildings Jerusalem Architecture Since 1948  
  Jerusalem: Christian Architecture through the Ages  
  Mishkenot Sha'ananim  


Top 10 Picks: Greatest Architecture of all time
Supertall Unique Tallest thru history Past 1,000 Years Past 100 Years
World America- today America- thru history New York Chicago
Washington DC Italian Rome London Spanish
Berlin Nazi Paris Dubai Islamic
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Top Ten New York top ten london top ten paris World  
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Lower Manhattan
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